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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Url: www.buxbunny.com

Site Details

Member Offers
· Paid to Click, Read and Sign Up
· $0.10 Minimum Payout Paypal
· $1.01 Minimum Payout Alertpay
· 10% Earnings Referral (Free)
· 100% Earnings Referral(Upgraded)
· Payout by Paypal/Alert Pay Daily

Advertiser Offers
· Cheap Advertising!
· 24 Hours Unique Hits
· Free Live Stats
· Many Ways To Advertise
· Automated Transactions
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BuxBunny is a new aurora site owned and managed by Maderite. It operates a PTC advertising business (see PTC).

Similar to other aurora-scripted sites. This site has an earning area where you can earn from a variety of options (PTC, PTR, PTS, and PTP). In PTC, you can earn money by clicking ads, in PTR by reading emails (email serving must be configured), PTS by signing up on offers, and PTP by promoting your referral links or ids.

Another good feature you can find in Bux Bunny is the Click Exchange feature. It allows you to advertise your site/blog or a referral link for free. To partake in the Click Exchange advertisement, you must first join Click Exchange in Earning Area to get some Click Exchange credits. Once you have enough credits, you may click on the Manage Ads link in the Member Menu. You can find it in the left sidebar. In the Manage Link Ads section, click on the dropdown menu and browse till you find Click Exchange Sites option, select this and click Manage button to open the Click Exchange panel. Here, you may create an ad by inserting your url, and confirming it. Once your ad is approved, assign credits into it.

Your minimum payout in BuxBunny is $0.10 via Paypal, and $1.01 if via Alertpay. Once you reach minimum payout, you may request cashout by selecting Withdraw on the Member Control Panel. Click the option where you want your payout to be sent, and confirm it. Your payout will pend until the admin of the site approves it, so be patient while it is being processed. In our case, it took 2 days for us to get paid, but it may vary from member to member.

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