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Monday, September 14, 2009


Url: http://www.turquads.net

Site Details

Member Offers
· 0.5c per advertisement viewed
· 0.25c per referral view
· $2 Minimum Payout (First cashout only)
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Advertiser Offers
· For $5.00, you may get at least 10 second long 1000 member visit.
· Non-member visits are also free.
· Start publishing in 24 hours.
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TurquAds is a PTC Site that offers to pay its members $0.5 per ad view, and $0.25 per referral ad views. Unlike other Bux sites, TurquAds pays only $0.5 per ad view, however, this makes the site more sustainable compared to the $0.01 per ad paying sites.

In TurquAds, there are two kinds of memberships.. standard and premium. Premiums earn more compared to standards.

Premium membership is divided into 3 types, Bronze, Silver, and Golden. Golden Membership is the best among the three. Goldens can earn as much as $0.02 per click, and $0.01 per referral ad views.

Like any bux sites, Turquads also has two ways of earning referrals; through direct referring (direct referrals), and renting (rented referrals). Direct referrals never expire while rented ones do. For standard members, they can refer a maximum of 25 direct referrals, and can rent a maximum of 250. Members has the option to delete referrals under their downline, thus, give place to more active ones.

Rented referrals expire after a period of 30 days. Renting can only be done every 7 days, and if only there are referral packs available for purchase.

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