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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

RichPTC - A GPTNetworks Scam

Url: www.richptc.com

RichPTCRichPTC is a ptc scam site owned by the GPTNetworks (Michael Pratt's Network). It was confirmed when a look up of the domain's whois information was first conducted; where, it suggested that the site's nameservers were attached gptnetworks.net.

The site offers to pay $1 per click, $10 signup bonus, 50% referral earning ($0.50), and a cashout at $1000. Base on PTC standards, this is way too high for a PTC site. The site boasts even more lies with stories that they are having business transactions with large companies. However, note that such companies aren't cheap enough to struck a deal with pathetic small business sites like RichPTC. Otherwise, they could be advertising Google by now.

And if you look at the site, you would notice that it doesn't have any forum. This means that site does not welcome feedback. A strategy that saves them from burden of complaints.

The site has some payment proofs or should we say - fake payment proofs. They post a list of payment proofs that contained usernames of people who didn't even joined the site. On one occasion, they included Neobux on the list. But, when Neobux admin was consulted, Neobux denied the allegation. Some other people whose usernames were on the list also claimed that they didn't receive any payment nor even joined the site.

There are already more than a dozen of complaints relating to this site. One member reported that his account was deleted when it was near cashout. Other members reported that they never received their payments even though it had passed the 60 days payout process.

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