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Thursday, September 10, 2009

AWSurveys Scam

Url: www.awsurveys.com

A.W.Surveys is an old survey scam site that promises to pay $1-$25 per survey/panel participated, $1.25 per referral, and $6 from welcome survey.

According to numerous sources, A.W. Surveys will only let you cash out once you have at least $75 in your account. For starters, this site will provide you with high paid surveys, where you can earn as much as $26. After that, they don't send you anymore surveys. To reach payout, you have no other choice but to refer your friends, whose only going to be scammed along with you.

There are already numerous reports of AWSurveys members who got their accounts canceled when they come close to cashout. It was said that this notorious site cancels accounts without any warning, their only response is that they suspected fraud.

It is obvious that this site is only after personal infos to add into their database. They make profit by selling these infos, but without compensating their members.

The weird thing about A.W. Surveys is that it still has a very good traffic rank despite being known as a scam. It appears that their tactic is most effective on noobs who compose the greater percentage of people browsing the web today.

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