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Saturday, September 5, 2009

ChristmasClicks: Ho Ho Ho Samantha

Url: www.christmasclicks.info

This site had been blacklisted on many PTC Forums including TalkPTC, EMS, BuxTalk, GPTBoycott, and many others because it was found out that the site is owned by a known scammer who runs by the name Samantha Shepard. Looking further on this site's whois information, we found out that this site was registered to Samantha Winter, however, many sources confirm that the two are actually one and the same person.

For why this site had been boycotted was because of Samantha's history. She had previously ran sites that turned scam.

This site also does not disclose any information regarding click rates, and we wonder why. However, the site has one nasty attempt to lure visitors into joining, and that is through the promise of Xmas Gifts that will be given to the lucky winner. Well, a Christmas celebrated everyday isn't a bad idea, providing the site has enough funds to back it up. But, we pretty much doubt it, since this site hasn't got much of an activity from members, and has problems promoting itself. And, if that's the situation, we bet it doesn't have or it seldom has any advertisers - the lifeblood of any PTC site. Moreover, we couldn't find any payment proof from the members of this site, and its forum seems to had problems.

This site had also been reported to contain viruses, therefore considering it not only an investment risk, but a computer hazard as well.

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