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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

QualityBux loses quality!

Url: www.qualitybux.com

QualityBuxEarly in August, this site landed on our Suspected Sites List for reasons of probable scam. Even earlier, while still in its prelaunch phase, this site already boasted to have paid its members. However, when they knew that some standard members were building up referrals quickly, they started to ban some accounts and accuses them of multiple accounts. Later, they started to ban more accounts and announces that they are no longer accepting members from Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Korea. The announcement was so sudden and the implementation was so quick that they didn't even change the TOS yet.

Later, we heard reports that the site is owned by the former admin of PerformanceBux, which is one of the PTC sites that had been listed as scam.

QualityBux had also been reported to have poor customer service. Members complain that the site's staff seem to be avoiding them and is not responding. There had also been issues of refs not received, and dead refs.

Actually, we had been expecting this site to turn scam, and it didn't fail our expectations, only its members. We didn't included this site on the scam list before because they were still paying at that time, but now, payments have stopped! It was reported that the last payment proof was posted on August 31st. Forum had also been censored. They probably done this to prevent complaints to appear on the forum. Below are the quoted words of the Forum Administrator.

Topics and Post need prior approval
Postby pedroxe » Mon Aug 10, 2009 4:08 am

From now on new topics and post need prior approval of anyone of the mod or admin staff.

We had to place this modification due the huge number of new topics create to discuss something already being discussed in another topic.

the reason for disaprove is stupid? usually we select the first choice to avoid any loss of our precious time...

we haven't answered to you? well we don't work 24 hours straight and not even at weekends! its a support forum not a live respons support!

Don't create a topic such "why my account is suspended" "why i can't cashout" etc. there are already topics about that same matter! you can't cashout because your country is blacklisted or you even didn't respect our terms of service. your account is suspended for the same reason and decision like that are final!

Your order has been unprocessed? Thats because we make a manually veirifcation of the first purchase.

I haven't received the earnings from my refs, that because you haven clicked a day, this might be because you forgot it or you even click twice yesterday.

everyhting can be solved very smoothly if you don't threathen us etc.. etc..


As you can see, this bad English administrator is not only a bad scam artist, but is also rude!

We had also found one report about member who was terminated before filing a dispute. It appears that the site delays its response on purpose so that members wouldn't have enough time to file a complaint with Paypal in case something bad happens.

We had also been a member of this site, and was also suspended for unknown reasons. The only lame reason they could give is that we were using multiple accounts; an act we didn't committed. Obviously, this is just their excuse after finding out that we were halfway to cashout. Avoid this site if you don't want to be next in line!

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