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Saturday, September 12, 2009

MyLot Copy Paste trick without using any Software

MyLot is a unique forum and GPT site that pays its members to post, and conduct GPT tasks.

However, to prevent abuse of the system, MyLot enforces a strict no copy-paste rule, and has set up commands that instruct your browsers to disable copy-pasting. This somehow limited spams in the forum, however, this also annoyed some members as they have to type quoted words instead of simply pasting them instantly.

Now, there is a software that disables this feature and allows you to copy paste. However, some of these softwares are actually being sold, and you may have to purchase to get one.

But let me tell you this, you don't actually need any software to disable MyLot's anti-copy paste command. Now, I'm not trying to cheat here nor am I insinuating people to defraud MyLot, but it can really be annoying when you can't copy paste, most especially when you're on a discussion that requires proofs, quoted words, or links.

Well, one way to enable copy pasting is to reach 500 posts. This is the natural, and legal way. But, for those who are below the line, you may have to get around MyLot's defenses.

My Story and My Trick

At first, I wasn't aware of MyLot's anti copy paste rule. So when I got into a heated debate, I really got annoyed when MyLot blocks my post every time I paste a valid reference.

Now, I had been a webmaster and webdesigner for more than 5 years, and I quiet understand how these sites instruct browsers. They are actually using a javascript command, and this command is followed by every web browser. Fortunately, these type of commands aren't actually new, and they can easily be bypassed. To get around these commands, all you have to do is disable javascripts or javascript support by configuring your browser.

I use Mozilla FireFox and I recommend you guys to use it too. Here's how to disable Javascripts in FireFox.

Go to Tools Menu -> Select Options -> Go to Content tab -> and uncheck Enable Javascript.

Note: Do this trick only when the page has finished loading. Once you have entered your post, you have to enable Javascript support again, otherwise you won't be able to use the submit button.

You can do this trick on any browsers too, and I believe there is no way for MyLot to detect it, unless they manually check your post. Hopefully, this trick will continue to work until MyLot patches the hole.

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