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Thursday, July 16, 2009

What is PTP?

What is PTP? Every individual who is into the GPT (Get Paid To) business venture should know this. PTP or Paid to Promote is another advertising method, wherein advertisers' sites get a chance to be exposed by promoting them in many ways including traffic exchanges, advertising, or direct views. Like in any GPT methods, there is an advertising site or company that facilitates this. The advertising site offers incentives for people to join and act as members of the program. In a PTP system, the advertising site gives their members certain rewards for promoting a site. The advertising site usually provides a url for members to promote.

The method of promotion is based on the guidelines of the site, this url can be usually added only on approved sites that may also offer advertising and traffic exchanges. Advertising sites don't usually just allow it to be promoted on methods other than the ones contained in their PTP guidelines. Illegal methods of promotion will usually result to member account deletion.

Every exposure is monitored and then validated by the advertising site. If it is a valid hit, the member promoting the PTP url gets a credit, this will be added into his/her account. However, some PTP advertising sites may base their payment on successful purchases only.

Usually, in a PTP method of advertising, advertisers and the advertising site are both promoted. The PTP url is usually a link of the advertising site displaying a webpage, and on that page, one or more of the advertisers' site is shown in a frame or a window. In some PTP sites, only the advertisers' page gets promoted.

PTP, to advertisers may or may not be an effective means to get quality hits. This method can get you a large number of hits, but most of these hits are bounce hits or hits that came from uninterested viewers. Moreover, if your ads are contained in your advertising site's window, the advertising site usually gets more of the promotion, while your site acts as a background and seldom gets the attention. To, consumers or promoters, this can be one of the opportunities to earn money online, although the pay is a little off in some sites, this can still be a good income bonus if proper promotion methods and strategies are observed.

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