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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bux.to - The biggest scam of all!

Url: www.bux.to

bux.to scamBux.to is a PTC site that started somewhere in June 2007. It started as a good site, and has been paying most of the time. On its early stages in the business, it was met with a series of problems. The site made it through, and has manage to keep its road straight. This eventually led most people to believe that bux.to is the ideal PTC business, and is 100% legit and safe. This belief led many people to invest on the site, upgrading and purchasing as much referrals as they could to optimize their earning potential. Many payment proofs were shown, a convincing factor that led more members to join. The site has grown to be one of the biggest until it trounces all of its competitors. The site has grown in number of members, unfortunately, this has also burdened the site, enough to slow down their payment processes. This was followed by Paypal suspending their account. The site responded by opting to change their payment processor to Alertpay.

The site continued to convince many more to join, and despite the claims of delayed payouts, more and more people continued to pour in. Later, bux.to has release their bux.to mastercard as a payment option for Alertpay. They promise that payments will be faster through this method. Soon, bux.to changed their TOS. From 30 business days of payment processing, they change it to 60 days for standard members, and 30 days for premium members. This hasn't solve the problem however. Bux.to continue to break their own TOS by exceeding the promised payout dates, this has extended even to premiums and bux.to cardholders. Bux.to attempted to clear out doubts by making excuses such as they lack staff members, they were doing manual extensive auditing, etc. Eventually, in their ultimate attempt to reduce the number of pending payouts, they increase the minimum payout of standard members from $10 to $50, but remained $10 for premiums. An obvious plan to attract members into upgrading. They also cancelled all pending payouts that were below $50.

Many believe that Bux.to was turning into a ponzi scheme, in which, it pays its members by random, and only when they have the money to do so. The money they use to pay other members came from those who upgrade and those who had bought referrals.

During its operation, Bux.to had made dozens of ridiculous mistakes, including blackmailing of their members. One blackmail attempt was when they promoted a particular site, where they promise to prioritize payments of those who join.

The site had also entered a conflict with PTC Guardian. PTC Guardian complained about a bug in bux.to's system that turned their bux-account balance into a negative after converting a fraction of it into ads. Bux.to staff shouted that it was impossible and that PTC Guardian was lying. However, when PTC Guardian offered to give their account username and password for other members to peek, only then that Bux.to took the matter seriously.

Finally, Bux.to was reported to the Interpol by a staff of MyPTCSite.com for obvious reasons of scam. It was found in the investigation that at one point, bux.to has registered a "mail-box-company" in the West Indies to transfer their money there. Later on, the money was moved around and spread out in bank accounts and payment processors. It was also found out that the names Debbie and George who has appeared as the people behind bux.to are fake and the real identity of the people behind bux.to will be announce when the case is brought to court.


  1. about 6via affiliate network platform Desoho, i want to know if this is a scam or not members says it is a scam please verify

  2. Scam investigating, those were the old days. Anyway, 6via is a new business, so I don't have a clue if it's scam or not. However, I have looked into their business structure, and I can say that is a pyramid/matrix type business. We all know that pyramid/matrix type business are unstable business models. In other words, it's risky. You can ride the biz, but do not hope that it will last forever. Just make sure when to jump, or it'll drag you along with it when it collapses.

  3. milions of people all over the world will be a victim of 6via affiliate network platform Desoho if it is a scam, the people all over the world must stay away and dont be a victim of 6via affiliate network platform Desoho make money plan scam.

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