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Saturday, July 11, 2009

1dollarptc.com - Earn high imaginary figures

Url: www.1dollarptc.com

Breaking the rules of traditional PTC business is what this site does best, and while Bux sites come out with fair to high consumer earning potential, 1dollarptc comes out with high to very high earning potential or so we thought. The site offers are too high to make this site financially stable, as a matter of fact, only an insane entrepreneur would put up and honor such deals. But that's what this site is up to, you see they are not even real offers. Those bucks are just plain texts, they are nothing more but imaginary figures. 1dollarptc exists only to deceive the masses.

The site also claims that they are recommended by PTC Boycott. This appears to make them legit, but think again. The PTC Boycott site is not recognized as a reliable source of information. The site was made up to cover up the scam.

1dollarptc is an example of scam sites that only deserves to be blacklisted.

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