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Saturday, July 25, 2009

PalmBux clicked their own ads!

The PTC site PalmBux has risen after a few days server downtime. During its downtime, members started to complain that they were having some income loses on rented referrals and on upgrade earnings, that is since the site has a no-click, no referral credit policy. PalmBux has now compensated this problem by providing members with bonus clicks, meaning, members will still be receiving their daily click earnings eventhough they weren't able to access the site. To PalmBux, this is a prudent move to keep members' loyalty, however, by clicking their own ads, there could be problems which may arise from the advertisers' side. Hopefully, PalmBux would be able to resolve the problems of both parties, but in doing so, they could be the one taking the burden as the bonus clicks will be charged on them.

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