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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Parsbux in danger?

Url: http://www.parsbux.com

Parsbux, a new PTC site was believed to have been losing money these past few days. Just last night, the Parsbux administrator posted a message on the Parsbux forum complaining that he had not a single member buying upgrades on the site, furthermore, he claimed that he had been losing money and to preserve his trusty site, he need some members to buy upgrades.

He also posted, looking for one partner to help him with the site. He also said that he needs it because he is alone and have few money left. Here's the screenshot:

Click the picture to enlarge

The Parsbux admin has admitted his lack of funds and is now looking for financial assistance to help maintain the site. For a PTC business, this is already a bad sign, and noble may his intention be, the fact that the site is losing funds could endanger the business and at the same time may put member investment at risk.


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