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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jeffrey Johnson's Top PTC Sites - A Scam Site Supporter

Url: www.jeffrey-johnson-top-ptc-sites.com

At first glance, you will mistake it for a genuine online business watchdog. But, if you read the contents, you might burst in laughter as the site is unprofessionally written and the information it is trying to disseminate are false. Furthermore, the name Jeffrey Johnson doesn't even ring a bell. Who is he? No one knows for sure, but he approves scam sites and disapproves an honest paying site - Orangebizs.

The Jeffrey Johnson seal can be seen on some scam sites. The seals don't mean anything as they don't belong to an approved company or agency. The Jeffrey Johnson Top PTC Sites website is a scam site in a way that it tries to deceive the masses with unreliable false information and has affiliated itself with known scam websites.

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  1. beware of a scam site called, 6via affiliate network Desoho, they do not pay the members,they only colect your money.


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