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Thursday, July 23, 2009

What is an Upline?

Going back with the basics, today, we discuss the definition of Upline.

In the world of business, specifically Network Marketing, the definition of Upline is a distributor who works independently and is above a representative's genealogy, including his or her sponsor.

In simple understanding, Upline refers to a person who referred, sponsored, invited or directed another person to join a network marketing business or company. In short, he/she is non other than the referrer himself/herself. Usually, in a Network Marketing business, Uplines get bonus commissions based on their referrals' (the person/people they referred) earnings. These bonus commissions, however, are provided by the company itself, thus, no referral earning is hindered.

Uplines usually find their job more in recruiting and directing, though they can also work as independent distributors. However, for them to achieve optimum salary, it is essential for them to build and sustain a network.

In Network Marketing, a referred person may also become an upline if he/she succeeds to refer another individual.

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