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Monday, July 20, 2009

Paid to Post

SecretaryWhat is Paid to Post? Paid to Post is a method wherein consumers are paid to post relevant content into a blog, a site, or a forum. Usually, in a paid to post system, the website owners are the ones who directly pays the posters. And, depending on the conditions of the site, the posters may be an outsider or a registered member of the site. Posters are usually paid base on their number of posts, some site owners pay posters more for creating or opening related site topics. Unrelated posts or spams, however, may not be counted, and may actually result to a ban or termination of the agreement.

This method has helped bloggers, site owners, and forum owners get visitors. Not only that, it has also motivated members to participate in discussions, therefore, creating an active community within a site.

Usually, the aim of website owners is to get advertisers or to get a high rank at the search engines. Thanks to this system, both of these can be achieved.

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