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Sunday, July 12, 2009

PTCPay announces to sue Buxhost

PTCPay, the said creator of the GeN3 script announces today that they are going to file a lawsuit against buxhost.com for copyright violation and infringing international copyright laws. It was said that the owner of the buxhost site is using the GeN3 script and selling it as his own. PTCPay says that they will take steps to also notify the local authorities about this incident, as well as the federal copyright agency in the Netherlands. The host will also receive a court order demanding them to shut down all his website services.

We will be suing for trademark and financial damage, as well as trademark violation, and violation of the contract which comes with the usage of the script, says PTCPay.

From now on, local government agencies will be notified of all unlicensed GeN3 users. We will actively seek to add the names of the owners of these illegal websites to an official database of known scammers in both the US, Europe, and Asia by contacting the copyright protection agencies. Piracy is a serious offense and can result not only in large fines, up to $100,000 in the United States, but also can ruin the reputation of the violators.


  1. Last weekend, PTCPay.com claimed that BuxHost.com is using their Gen3 script and sells it as their own. Over these few days we got a couple of questions of customers who were getting concerned about this statement. Here I will argue that PTCPay is making false claims.

    When PTCPay is making wild claims like this, it is remarkable to see how many people simply believe those rumours without doing any research. Does our script look like their Gen3 script? If you have some programming experience (or not), look at the HTML, CSS and Javascript source codes. A demo version of our script can be found at www.nextgenptc-demo.com. Our script has *nothing* to do with the Gen3 script (demo at gen3script.com). To the contrary - I think PTCPay's Gen3 script is horrible, that's why we decided to compete and provide a better script to our customers. Our NeXtGen-PTC script has been build from the ground up, with some elements of other websites that we own. All copyrights of our script belongs to us.

    So let's make a clear statement here:

    *** Our NeXtGen-PTC Script has *NOTHING* to do with the PTCPay's Gen3 script ***

    In my humble opinion, I think it's quite lame of PTCPay to make false claims like this to scare our new potential customers away. In fact, I think it's quite a childish act in despair trying to put us down. Competition in this field is just what the industry needs. If PTCPay is terrified of our competition, they should get motivated to improve their script, instead of trowing lame words.

    Our services at BuxHost.com have been started as of May 2009. Over the last few weeks, we already received on average two orders a day, suggesting that new customers like our script and services. Positive feedback is what drives us to improve our script and comply to the wishes of our customers. As we are convinced of our product, we are about to increase server capacity (the novel and dynamic cloud server structure) to provide reliable hosting over the years to come.

    I hope to have taken away initial concerns about our script. If you have any related questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at www.buxhost.com.

    Best regards,
    Support BuxHost.com

  2. Now, we hear both sides of the story.

  3. Yes, we hear both sides but ptcpay has got an excellent support.
    It can't be said of buxhost..
    Once you pay the 6 month suscription I think that you pay to remove the support from your account because I tried to contact them lot of times and...they don't answer, it is the silence. In my opinion buxhost are scammers. If you are not customer they reply the questions in 2 or 3 minutes. It is amazing.
    I don't recommend buxhost.

  4. I am running a buxhost site and I love the site and the script and it is nothing like ptcpays script. Although because buxhost does host the site you have no control over the database or can change the script to add more features and it layout. PtcPays script does have alot more to offer and could be altered from the data base. I did purchase gen3 script when I was ready to open a ptc site, However was scared away from it when I seen the act of a ptcpay programer, tapping into a backdoor of anther site owner and shutting them down cold to never return. SV BUX with a little code into the script. Maybe deserved if sv bux did not have a licesence, but it was blatant attack by PTC Pay and not handdled in a legal manner. I am taking buxhost side, in any action taken against them just becuase ther is no way that there script is even close to the gen3script. They are not the same. This would be like me taking legal action against PtcPay saying They stole the gen3 ptc script from me. I can prove it too compare my code to theres It is my code on my registered site. So remove them for copyright infringment. Come one guys grow up. Either way I went with buxhost just because of this issue.


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