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Friday, July 10, 2009

What is PTS?

What is PTS? PTS or Paid to Sign-up is a coined word or abbreviation that means you get paid for signing up on offers or for registering on sites. Some advertisers you see are looking for members, while some are looking for referrals, and to meet their goal, they need more than a PTC or a PTR kind of advertisement. And that is where PTS fits in. PTS makes sure that consumers or prospects does not miss or ignore the offer. It makes sure that they register. However, although PTS may seem like a perfect advertising solution, it's actually not. PTS has its own flaws and among them regards the question of willingness among the consumers. Some consumers register only for the money and when they get their pay, they never get active on the advertiser's site. Some consumers also register on the same advertising site more than once using different user informations, and thus, cheating the advertisers.

A PTS in order to work needs an advertising site to act as middleman between advertisers and consumers. Advertisers pay the advertising site to advertise their offers, and consumers/site members register on these ads in order to be credited. Usually, consumers have to manually send a message containing the advertiser site's welcome email to the admins of the advertising site. This welcome email can be usually obtained after completing registration on a particular site. This will serve as proof or evidence of a successful signup. If the consumer gets verified, he/she gets credited with the agreed sum of money. Some PTS are done automatically in some advertising sites, though only few of these sites exist.

PTS can be a good source of online income for consumers, though sometimes, it can be the source of their mishap. Registering on some sites may compromise their privacy. Their identity could be stolen or worst, someone might use their identity to commit unlawful acts. Consumers may also suffer from spam emails if they are not careful. For the advertisers, PTS can be a good source of target prospects, however, it may not always work for them.

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