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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

IsabelMarco.com Money Maker Scam

Url: www.isabelmarco.com

Isabel MarcoWho could forget IsabelMarco.com. An honest paying PTC site turned scam. At first, this site was one of the favorite money earning sites. The business is PTC or Paid to Click. An advertising business model where advertisers gain traffic through the site's member views. The site was offering to pay all members, both upgraded and non-upgrades, and was doing it until they suddenly change to the option of paying upgraded members only.

I was one of the Free Members on the site. The site has so many ads to click, and I did enjoy a few cent earnings per day. I thought the site was doing well since they have a lot of advertisers, but when I requested payout, nothing came. And a few weeks later, they change their TOS, where they decided to pay upgraded members only. I feel cheated. After the work I contributed to the site, they just forfeit all my earnings even when I was a member under the old TOS agreement. By all rights, I deserve to be paid.

After I left this ridiculous site, IsabelMarco began scamming again, this time, upgraded members were unable to receive their payments. Unhappy members flooded forums with reports of unpaid earnings, some say that the money they invest on the site for the upgrade and referrals were lost. Then, on a survey made, the site was found out to have been selling bots to serve as referrals. This is not only cheating the members, but is also cheating advertisers.

Up to this day, no one knows what IsabelMarco is scheming, but it can be up to no good. This site definitely cheats her way to success by feeding on the misfortunes of others. Do not put your time and money on this site!

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