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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Memorexboy's Gift

It has passed midnight here in my time zone, but before I go to sleep, I just wanna share this payment proof to those who wanna earn money online. Here's my screenshot:

How did I got this? I didn't got this from the GPT sites that I joined. I receive this from Memorexboy of the PTCTalk Forum. He is actually a Moderator in there, and he paid me for just greeting him a Happy B-day. Now how hard is that?

I just would like to point out that if you wanna earn money online, start by socializing with people. Sometimes, you guys want to go solo on your quest for money, but that's not the right way to making fast money.

Now, for starters, how about asking me to become your friend and be kind enough to be my referral? You got nothing to lose and you will benefit from my knowledge and experience.

Join Me in PTCTalk

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