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Monday, August 31, 2009

End of August Message

The month of August is finally over. We had spent 31 days of part time job, trying to make money online, and so far, we manage to fare well.

Many things had happened during the month of August. We've seen PTC sites come and go, and a few of them that actually turned scam (ie. ValueBux and CuteBux). We had documented a lot of things, just see our August archive or our August News Archive for the complete detail of the events.

And now, let's see how much we made throughout this month. Here is a breakdown:

(Note: These are rough estimates)

Refback commissions: $1
Google Adsense: $5
Neobux payout: $2
BuxWiz payout: $2
BuxTalk payout: $2
Others: $1
Investments/Capital: $0
Expenses: $0
Net Profit: $13

Unpaid/Pending: $6

The income we had right now is base on $0 capital. In other words, we make money without really investing on something save only for our efforts.

In the next coming months, we plan to move on to other online money making avenues. We will actually be abandoning some PTC sites, and give up on some of our tasks. This will free us to pursue even better opportunities. All this in an attempt to increase our monthly income. We just hope that things will be better in September.

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