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Thursday, August 20, 2009

100-cash.com - Scam does not pay!

Url: www.100-cash.com

You can spot scam as soon as you visit this site. With an unprofessionally designed website, one could wonder if there was actually any effort inserted to make this site.

This site offers $100 worth of emails each, $1000 for just signing up, $100 referral bonus, and pays at $15000. Yeah right, as if they have the money to pay their members.

The advertising packages are so cheap, an example of it is "$100 solo paid email to all (60 second timer)" for a measly price of $1. Now, if these guys know math, they should have already found that they are losing $99 for every ad they serve.

If you join this site, better make your escape now. This site will make one hell of a clickbot out of you. You may earn $15000 on this site, but remember, this scam won't pay you.

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