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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Zero Friction Marketing

Zero Friction MarketingZero Friction Marketing is an info product developed by a super affiliate and CPA expert, Saj P. This guy is known for his infamous products such as the 4 Tier Annihilation Method, Affiliate Payload, and The Site Rush. One might say that he is now earning just as much from selling those as he does as an affiliate. One reason for this is that he delivers material that is comprehensible and accurate in a way that many other super affiliates can't. Let's face it, most super affiliates are great at what they do, but they are not very good tutors.

Saj P is a CPA (cost per action) marketer rather than a traditional affiliate marketer and the product Zero Friction Marketing (ZFM) is a simple clear guide that not only kill some common CPA myth, but also takes you for a deep dive into a pond of overlooked yet successful methods.

What's to like about ZFM is that it clearly shows you a way where you won't be needing Google Adwords or Facebook in order to be successful. This product disproves the theory that there can only be two ways to strike gold; pay a fortune to Google or become a SEO expert.

The Product

Zero Friction Marketing was designed to be the new revolutionary Six Figure CPA Formula.

The product contains an INSIDER'S BLUEPRINT for making an absolute killing with CPA offers. And now, you can get access to it for a very LIMITED time.

The product promises to provide you a system where you could just set it and FORGET it. True Error-proof Automated Wealth.

Saj, in this product, exposes the devastatingly powerful methods that only the Elite Affiliates on top of the food chain know about.

The product, videos, and PDF files, is very down to the point without leaving out any crucial details. It also provides no unnecessary fluff. You get exactly what you need to get in on the ground floor and start making money faster and with a lot less frustration. ZFM is exploring the methods and techniques we use every day in our successful affiliate marketing businesses.

For beginners, Zero Friction Marketing also offers the kind of road map to CPA offers many experienced affiliates probably wish they had when they started out.

Revealed in Zero Friction Marketing are secrets such as:

·Information about different types of CPA offers
·Ways that work best for different promotion methods
·How to use MSN to bank 6 figures with CPA Offers
·How to funnel buyer traffic from Bing
·How to use the Power of Media Buying and Banner Ads to drive hoards of super cheap and highly targeted traffic to your CPA Offers.
·How the Elite CPA Affiliates use the underground Myspace PPC Platform to make millions online

Zero Friction Marketing is divided into 3 modules + 1 bonus module:

       ·Zero-Friction Marketing Cheat Sheet
       ·"The Underground CPA Files"
       ·Getting Accepted Into CPA Networks
       ·Different Types of CPA Offers
       ·Picking Offers
       ·Driving Traffic: Different Types of PPC Promotions
       ·Pre-sell Pages
       ·Blogs & Installing Wordpress
       ·Advertising with MSN/Bing
       ·Signing up for your adCenter Account
       ·Creating Campaigns and Ad Groups
       ·Writing Killer Ad Copy
       ·Choosing Keywords
       ·Keyword Match Options
       ·Dynamic Text
       ·Content Network
       ·Advanced – Tracking with SubIDs
       ·Media Buys – Media Buys Intro
       ·Targeting your Audience
       ·Banner Positioning and Dimensions
       ·Adbrite Exposed
       ·Other Banner Networks
       ·Bonus Module: Advertising with MySpace

Saj doesn't just go over the theory, his Zero Friction Marketing videos give a "behind the scenes" tour of our most profitable techniques in action! So there you have it, all nicely wrapped up and ready to help you start making money.

Go to Zero Friction Marketing and order your copy now

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