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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

TurquAds has changed domain

The PTC site TurquAds has changed their domain today. From .com, they have changed to .net. In other words, instead of www.turquads.com, they are now www.turquads.net. The turquads.com domain is still open though, and it now shows a link that directs to the .net domain, leading unaware members back into the site.

The .net move will more likely break members' referral links. Old referral links does not redirect referrals into the .net site, and it will more likely send referrals into a dead end. Members may need to update their referral links if they wish to obtain new referrals.

TurquAds' admin didn't announce anything about the sudden transfer nor stated any reason, but this hasn't worried members much. Some would even consider it as a minor change.

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