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Thursday, October 8, 2009

PromoterHeavenPTC is a Scam Positive

Url: www.promoterheavenptc.com

This site had been requested for review and after reviewing the site, we found it not worthy of your time. PromoterHeavenPTC is an aurora PTC site that offers to pay $1 to $5 for every ads clicked, and $25 for a simple signup. However, when you read their terms you would find this:

The cash earned in your accounts is not actual money. Payouts are based on the income of the site. The more income the site gets, the higher the payout conversion is. The actual amount you make is figured once all income is added and the number of payout requests are counted. Every month, the amount you make per request is different. Recent conversions have been less than 50 cents per $5000 request. Payouts take up to 45 days. You can request as many times as you would like in any payout period.

This is an example of a site that hides behind their TOS. The offer shown on the front page is a deceptive practice to only lure people into joining. As stated on their TOS, it says that the cash you earned is not actual money, it is based on the income of the site. In other words, if the site don't earn, so do you.

On further research, we have found that this site is owned by Jeffrey Johnson; the very same person who runs the New Online Visions, LLC PTC Network group, and other more scam sites. He is also the person who attempted to deceive the masses by deliberately promoting his scam through Jeffrey Johnson's Top PTC Sites and PTCBoycott.

Jeffrey Johnson or JJ is known for deceptive tactics, and his PromoterHeavenPTC has his signature on it.


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  2. And what does it have to do with PromoterHeavenPTC? Same scam perhaps?


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