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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Giga-Mails.com is a Giga Scam

Url: www.giga-mails.com

Giga-Mails is a PTR/PTC scam site owned by a 24 year old punk running under the name or alias of Brandon Anderson. To top it all, this scammer loves to write poetry and brags about his dirty work. Here is a snapshot of his Myspace account: (Courtesy of PTC-Investgations)

Click on image to enlarge

The site has a delusional offer that cannot be matched by other PTC/PTR sites. This alone is enough to prove that site is a big scam. But, to cover all of its scam tactics, we have found plenty of information.

This site was reported to have ties with a scam internet server provider (GetPaidSolutions). According to our reliable source, this server was known to had host so many scam sites, where most to all have the "get rich by reading emails" theme.

This site is also known of its fake testimonials, as shown on its testimonial page. This testimonies don't show any payment proof, needless to say, there are only a few of them. It is also kinda awkward for these members to show their pictures as if they are promoting a product. These testimonies can also be easily dismissed, most especially when there had been complaints about non payments against this site.

Giga-Mails had also been known to have more than one payment processor. If you're a legit online business owner, just imagine how hard it is to fill every payment processor with enough cash to sustain all members. However, this one shows more. We believe that the owner is trying to use every resource to get money.

Finally, the owner of the site had also been said to have provided a fake address. This is the address they provided on their Google Checkout:

824 lakeshore Dr, Ashland, WI 54806

Click on image to enlarge

Google Maps showed that the owner is living either on the sidewalk or on the abandoned lot. Only a beggar or a weirdo would live on that address.

It was also said that their phone number 715-682-5611, is a pre-recording. It gives a "Time of Day Announcement" recording, it is not their actual phone number.

With so many anomalies found on this site.. it's best to stay away.


  1. Giga-Mails Paid Me. I havent had a problem along with my bar and dart buddies.

  2. Congrats.. you were lucky to get paid then. Still the overwhelming evidence suggests that it is scam.

    Just be careful. They may pay, but only a minority would get lucky.

  3. admin311 is, I am almost positive, Brandon Anderson. His father owns a bar, and Brandon has written about loving to play darts.


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