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Friday, October 2, 2009

October Message

Aah.. My Biz Online is almost three months old now, and just look at how far we've come. When I started this blog, I only have 3-5 visitors in a day, no backlinks nor linkbacks, no partner sites, around 4m in alexa rank, and the site is seldom patronized. But now, this blog is within 15-58 visitors daily, we had a couple of blog linkbacks and backlinks, we had partnered with PTC-Investgations, we had made new friends, we got 60+ Twitter followers, we manage to rise to 1.2m in Alexa, we got crawled by search engine spiders and some RSS feed fetching bots, we got email subscribers, and we now have 10-20 feedburner readers. However, we had to admit that this couldn't have been possible if not to our dear readers, blog partners, and friends. All these we owe it to you guys, and for these, we sincerely thank you..

Our Stats

When we were starting, we were ashamed to show our stats, but now, we are proud of it.. Above is our hit count for the month of September - October.

Above is our feedburner status. The blue line indicates "reach" while green indicates "subscribers". Subscribers may be human or bots. Most of what we have our bots. This is still good, it shows that the search engines and web crawlers are now beginning to index our site.

The image above is our Alexa Rank. We are aiming to be in the Top 100,000. But, in order to do that, we still have to beat 1,100,000+ competing websites.

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